The Banks of Buffalo, Gillette & Sheridan
The Banks of Buffalo, Gillette & Sheridan

In light of recent news regarding the FDIC closures of banks located in San Francisco and New York, Buffalo Federal Bank would like to remind you that Wyoming Community Banks are always in the best position to support local consumers and small businesses:

  • As a Wyoming State Chartered Community Bank, Buffalo Federal Bank is well-capitalized and well-positioned to continue to serve our customers. We were chartered in 1936 and are dedicated to serving our communities for generations to come.
  • We take pride in our local decision making and personal involvement in our communities with the vision to be the premier community bank serving the needs of individuals, families, and businesses throughout North-Central Wyoming.
  • In the 88-year history of the FDIC, no one has ever lost a penny of an insured FDIC deposit.

If you have questions about coverage or would like to learn more about FDIC insurance, please visit the FDIC website or contact your local Buffalo Federal Bank location in Buffalo, Gillette or Sheridan. We stand ready to assist our customers with any questions or concerns.

Savings Accounts

Good, safe ways to start building your nest egg and start your youngster on a life-long saving program.

Low minimum balance to open

  • Account can be opened with as little as $25.00
  • Earn some of the best passbook savings rates in the region (Check with us for today's rates.)
  • Interest will compound daily and be paid quarterly
  • ATM card included

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Offer you the whole range of options to save for your kids' educations, your retirement-or both!

  • You can create an education IRA to fund the children's schooling
  • You can choose traditional or Roth IRAs to fund retirement for you and your spouse

Time Deposit Accounts (Certificates of Deposit-CDs)

Perfect for your short-term and long-term savings programs and a great way to build cash funds for emergencies.

  • 91-day and 6-month CDs are just the ticket for that emergency fund.
  • Competitive rates-always and the short term means your money is available when you need it.
    (Minimum deposit: $1000)
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4-year CDs offer the best rates because your money has time to grow.
  • Always competitive rates and a low minimum deposit of $500
  • Early withdrawal penalties vary. Ask your customer service representative for details