The Banks of Buffalo, Gillette & Sheridan
The Banks of Buffalo, Gillette & Sheridan

Fake Check Scams

To demonstrate the growing trend of fake check scams, our CEO, Paul Brunkhorst, followed a typical Craigslist scam through to receiving a "cashiers check" via USPS priority mail. View actual check

This is how these types of scams work— a buyer via Craigslist or in a local newspaper, radio ad, etc. will send the seller a cashier's check in excess of the purchase price, saying it was a mistake or that it was to cover shipping and handling costs. The buyer will then ask the seller to send back the difference. When the seller sends back this difference, the "cashiers check" will be returned for fraud, but the check the buyer writes the seller for the difference on their own account will have been paid by the seller's bank and lost in the scam.

To learn more about how to identify if you're being targeted as part of a fake check scam we encourage you to review the infographic below.

In all cases, it's a scam if someone sends you a check and then asks you to send back money. Remember, just because the check has cleared does not mean it is good. If you spot a scam tell the Federal Trade Commission